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Napping Blanket

  • $25.95

Combine cuteness with practicality with the Angel Dear 29" Napping Blanket, a fantastic baby gift that just keeps giving. Toddlers love to snuggle these plush animal-headed blankets, making them a wonderful security blanket, transitional object, and naptime companion. And Angel Dear Napping Blankets stay soft after years of washing, ensuring that the object of your child's affection will stick around for a long, long time.

The Angel Dear Napping Blanket is made with cashmere-soft polyester microfiber, and we can attest to how deliciously soft it is! Kids become very attached to these lovable animal blankets, and love to take them along for car and stroller rides; take the Napping Blanket along to provide familiarity and comfort for your child on naps away from home, or send it with him to day care. The Angel Dear Napping Blanket is also a great step up from the smaller Angel Dear Blankies, which are designed more as comfort objects, while the Napping Blanket is large enough to serve as a functional blanket to stay warm in.

  • Measures 29 x 29